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"Ciao from Italia"

Published July 2017

Hello from Italy! It's fabulous here. It's wonderful, and before I go any further, if you are an insurance agent who uses our classes and/or might ever use our insurance CE courses, please friend me on Facebook: Renee E. Bryan's Facebook Account.

As much as I love it here, the thing I've found is a miss all my friends back home--tremendously. If you are new to Bryan Ventures and wondering why the owner and primary instructor wants to be your Facebook friend, welcome to a new learning experience. I run a small company and over the years have come to know and love the agents who use and attend our insurance continuing education courses, and just like the people of Italy, (if you choose) I graciously invite you to our familia.

So, yes, please if you hold an insurance license in any of the states we do business, please FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK. I've been posting some great and wonderful sites and commentary. I've made a few of my reflections of various Italian cities public and the links are below, but even more important, I want to see what is going on in your life too. Many other insurance agents who use our CE classes have made their way into my list of Facebook contacts, but also took a place of real friendship and connection so I invite you to join us.

I'll be in Italy two more weeks until August 11th. As soon as I return, I'll be packing up to teach classes in ALEXANDRIA, BEMIDJI, and LA CROSSE with areas like DULUTH, DETROIT LAKES, FOREST LAKE, MANKATO, ST. CLOUD, ROCHESTER, BURNSVILLE, and GRANITE FALLS soon to follow. It's going to be CRAZY busy because we are also creating ALL NEW live insurance CE classes for 2018 and 2019. Plus we plan to introduce video insurance CE courses in our online learning centers. Yes, these classes were recorded live in classroom and will be published as ONLINE INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION to give you several learning options with Bryan Ventures, Inc.

Super excited about all of that, but more excited to connect with you so send me that FRIEND REQUEST AND consider joining us in one of our upcoming LIVE CLASSROOM INSURANCE CE COURSES so we can personally chat about lots of ideas, concepts, and experiences work and personally related.


Fino ad allora, essere benedetto. Facciamo un lavoro importante e importante per gli altri. Tu sei importante per me e per loro. Addio! Possiamo parlare ancora presto. (Assicuratevi di amare me su FACEBOOK!)


IN ENGLISH: Until then, be blessed. We do a good and important work for others. You are important to me and to them. Farewell! May we talk again soon. (Be sure to FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK!)


I made a few of my posts public from my Italian adventure so you can travel with me even if you don't FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK. :D (The offer to "friend me" on FACEBOOK is made to those who know me either personally or professionally through the use of our insurance continuing education classes or are a professional related to offering insurance or financial advice. Thank you!)


AUGUST 10, 2017--Winds are Blowing in Roma


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July 30, 2017--Bells of the Duoma in Florence


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July 21, 2017--How it all happened...



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