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"Classroom Connections"

Published August 2017

Great pairings, whether for comedy or intrigue, are as classic as movies themselves. You might not think you could find this "classic pairing" in an insurance continuing education course, but recently in our Brainerd classes, that is exactly what happened.

A local banking professional with an insurance license, Russ Hale, has been attending our classes for years. His quick wit and entertaining banter has added to the fun insurance agents enjoy so much in our classes. Russ is just like so many other fun loving insurance professionals that I've been blessed to get to know through our insurance CE classes.

This particular class was a little unique. Every once an a while, after Russ would zip out one of his hysterical quips, the agent next to him (David Johnson) would say, "Awww Russ, don't do that." Or, "Oh no Russ, don't say that." My trying to type it out does not do justice to the comedic effect of their interaction. By day two in class, I finally said, "How long have you known each other?" The way they played off each other indicated to me that they'd been long time pals.

Their response, "We met in your insurance CE courses!" Then it hit me, agents who use Bryan Ventures insurance continuing education classes have certainly become more than just professional contacts. They are my friends. As much as I love the relationships I've made, the agents who attend our live classroom insurance CE courses are also connecting with each other.

This is a valuable variable that you just can't get in an online insurance continuing education course, and these valuable connections offer more than fun banter. These agents gain an opportunity to learn from each other. To find new products, resources, company variables, tax changes...a whole list of items that make their jobs easier and make them better agents.

If you haven't taken a LIVE CLASSROOM INSURANCE CE COURSES for a while, I encourage you to join us. We've been seeing more agents coming back to the live CE courses. We'll certainly have fun and a bit of banter, but you'll also walk away with valuable information, insight, and connections. I'm looking forward to seeing you there. :D


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