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Bryan Ventures Reopens Classroom Courses for Registration


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Oh yes, you read that correctly! After my brief hiatus from teaching live classroom insurance continuing education for Bryan Ventures, we have opened up our 2017 classes for registration and I am working diligently to have some offerings available for 2016 starting in October. I encourage you to go to our website and check it out. You can also register for any classes you see available. We'll also be emailing you a new updated schedule shortly. WOO HOO! I am back!

Because the story is of importance to understand the value of our classes, let me explain a bit of the events that have transpired that have brought me back to teach insurance continuing education for the fabulous agents of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

As many of you know, in June of 2016 I gratefully accepted a Case Manager position at The Dwelling Place, a non-profit helping women and their children transition and thrive after abuse. I was very excited about this opportunity to truly help people and jumped right into this new work, but I was quickly moved to the business side of the program and asked to seek donations.

While it is very noble and honorable to help an organization thrive financially, I kept thinking, "If I am going to help someone or something gain financial ground...

I should just go back to helping the agents that I've come to love and appreciate build stronger businesses by helping their clients thrive financially!"

I couldn't shake the thought or the desire to come back--HECK, I missed you! SO HERE I AM! Thankfully we still had our 2017 schedule posted and in just a few days, we plan to have classes available to register for in October and November of 2016 as well as add some offerings (locations we missed) for February and March of 2017. I am so excited to see you again. Look for emails with updates on our classes and be sure to check our LIVE CLASSROOM COURSE OFFERINGS as we expand our upcoming schedule.

Bryan Ventures is still here for you and we are NOT going anywhere!


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