Insurance CE Requirements for MN

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There is no longer any limit on the number of insurance CE hours that can be obtained through the Internet or other distant learning programs.

The continuing education requirement will be changed from 30 credit hours during the license period (2 years) to 24 credit hours. 
The limit on company sponsored coursework will continue.  No more than one-half of the required credit hours per licensing period (12 hours) may be credited for courses either sponsored by, offered by, or affiliated with an insurance company.
Each renewal all producers will be required to obtain at least three hours of continuing education in ethics.  Course will be approved for ethics by the commissioner.


MN license expirations for 2010 and 2011 will still occur on October 31st and starting November 2011 will occur during the month of your birth.  Initial license renewals issued under the new law will be issued for at least 12 months but no more than 24 months and your new license will state your new renewal date. Licenses will expire on the last day of the producer's birth month. 

Your license will state your new renewal date and you can also check your transcript at Sircon to determine when your license expires, how many total credit hours you may need and any completed credits. Click here to get instructions on how to check your transcript. For renewals in November 2011 and after, the renewal period will be two years.
There will no longer be a continuing education waiver or limited license for retired insurance producers. The commissioner will still be able to waive CE requirements for good cause such as illness or military duty.

Review this statute at Minnesota Office of the Revisor of Statutes:

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Please forward any regulatory questions regarding these changes to the Insurance Division at 651.539.1600  or