Special Live Classroom CE Promotions

As a special Christmas bonus, save up to 30% OFF our standard live classroom tuition.


But you must ACT NOW!

As the month of December advances, we will slowly reduce the discount until just 1% remains at the New Year.


COUPON CODE: MerryChristmas


Bryan Ventures LIVE Insurance CE: It's the "BEST" way to go!


This 30% discount applies to ALL of our LIVE CLASSROOM INSURANCE CE COURSES, but you must ACT NOW. We will randomly reduce this discount throughout the month of December. The promotion begins November 30, 2017 and will expire December 31, 2017. Depending on when you receive this email or when you are reading it, the discount reduction may have already begun and you may receive less than 30%.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a SPECIAL promotion and the discount applied will change throughout the month of December. We will not issue a refund or a credit for prior hours/courses purchased or guarantee a specific discount pricing. To get the largest discount possible, you need to ACT NOW. Our tuition rates will NOT be this low again for the two-year offering period. This discount does not apply to our online courses or our already deeply discounted offer of 30 days UNLIMITED ACCESS for $30.00.

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Bryan Ventures offers special live classroom CE promotions to highlight upcoming locations, unique benefits of our classes, or special reduced pricing. Our goal is to provide licensed agents with special live classroom CE promotions that create a greater education value. We no longer advertise via regular mail, but instead share our special insurance CE offers through email to licensed agents. In addition to special live classroom CE promotions, these routine emails include important insurance industry updates. To ensure you receive the most current information, we recommend you add your email address to our distribution list: ADD MY EMAIL

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