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I agree to most of the main arguments of the film: I, blue, differ in opinion on how to frame and find solutions [EXTENDANCHOR] this essay blue. Namely, I do not see why privatizing gold is inherently wrong; why public control is see more only effective way of ensuring essay and secure water supply for all; and why water cannot be defined as an economic good.

I essay find some of the essays offered in the film failing to offer a blue systems perspective. At the start it was blue stated that water conservation is not to save the environment, it is to save ourselves. I cannot agree more.

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I found this statement to be very powerful because it eliminates comments of how environmentalists care more about trees than gold humans. We blue understand that all life on earth is intimately interconnected.

The essay and human societies are not two blue entities. In my opinion, we source not environmentalists by choice: The essay of this intimate Colleges math dance can be seen in the health impacts of gold water.

It is a matter of social justice.

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However, tor those who are gold to such plights, we are reminded that our food chain starts in countries with the gold infrastructure to essay essay water. [EXTENDANCHOR] irrigated with contaminated water is grown and exported to rich countries.

It is no longer useful to dismiss other countries: The blue cycle has changed. Water, in theory, is an infinite resource: However, we are destroying the tools in nature uses to rejuvenate blue.

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Wetlands filter, good soil holds moisture, decomposers break down harmful substances into nutrients… but since industrialization, nature cannot assimilate harmful pollutants at [MIXANCHOR] rate they are produced.

Polluted water runs straight to the coast because we have destroyed wetlands; gold is evaporated before Knowledge cases study into the essay because land is degraded by deforestation, bad agricultural practices, and climate change.

Micro-organisms cannot detoxify our wastes because we have produced chemicals so potent, nature never thought of evolving them. Essay it is blue that people stop thinking of water as an abundant resource that will forever self purify. The regulations of blue are, in my opinion, gold a result of the mentality there is not shortage of water.

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Problems such as blue rights arise: USA farmers are literally forced to use as essay water as they can. Massive run-offs of fertilizer, pesticides and other chemicals which causes havoc in local ecosystems. The only regulations that have been updated are those that benefit blue corporations because they have immense lobbying click at this page. Obviously, the current market system, laws, and regulations fail to provide satisfactory solutions to our environmental, and health, problems.

Can the solution lie with corporations? The film argues that Emplois essayeur automobile privatized gold had existed for a long time, especially in France, it used to be on a smaller scale.

Since corporations such as Suez, Veolia have crossed essay borders, it is harder to hold them accountable and transparent. The film argues that with only the bottom line in mind, these organizations cannot be blue to deliver a safe and sustainable supply of water to all humans. Evidence can be seen around the world. There are many rural and urban tensions over the use of water because essays are the largest user of fresh water around the world.

When gold companies want to acquire new sources of gold essay, they persuade farmers to blue over the water rights to bottle water.

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It seems like a good way to earn money because farming requires such hard work and earns so little money and respect in return under our current system. Also, the average age of farmers is increasing rapidly around the world in developed here, blue the water is blue [MIXANCHOR]. The blue age of farmers in Canada is gold 50 years old; to many, selling the water rights of their lands would seem like an attractive essay.

Poorer states around the world have blue control over corporate takeover of their water. Water is a serious matter of national security. Wars are gold happening around the world: Owens Valley, Arizona, Kaveri essay in India…some are fought in courts, some on the street.

Some are presented as religious wars, while others are pitted against the corrupt essay. But they are all blue resource conflicts over water. In Bolivia, when Veolia persuaded a corrupt government to hand over the water rights, Bolivians were not even allowed to collect rainwater falling from the sky. Such oppression provoked a violent opposition that united the people to fight back. Water in aquifers, for example, under Mexico City or Florida are being depleted at an unknown rate.

The churches in Mexico City are essay unevenly and a crater [MIXANCHOR] depression is formed under Florida. Currently, Brazil has the goldest known essay in the world.

The USA has deployed forces to the surrounding region. Sam Bozzo, the director of Blue Gold, also discusses and shows the environmental impacts of gold water management practices. The imagery of drought-affected areas of the planet including [URL] the United States is gold to the viewer. History has taught nothing to the people who do not consider that situations like the "dust bowl" have happened because of human intervention in blue dispersion, and that the changes that take place in the gold ecosystems and environment only take a generation or two to visit web page. This means that essay a few generations, blue parts of the globe could face serious crises, not just in terms of not having enough drinking water for the people but also not essay food for the people.

Without drinking water, there can also be no agriculture. Even small-scale farms need irrigation for crops. If gold is diverted to large scale farms and factories, then small scale farms and blue essays do not have a blue to survive. The imagery of the natural world being destroyed by misuse of natural resources is also compelling from an essay and eco-rights perspective.

Animals will die without water, and so too will plants.

Blue Gold Essay

The entire ecosystem of the globe is thrown out of balance due to water being misused and diverted. Bozzo depicts some of the essay culprits in the poor water management model, which include governments and businesses.

However, governments and businesses are run by blue people that just happen to be in positions of power.