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Bryan Ventures Works Over the Weekend Helping Agents Renew On Time

This blog highlights our extraordinary service at Bryan Ventures for JUST $30.00.

A recent Saturday afternoon, I was taking care of a few projects around the house, and the business line for Bryan Ventures rang. It was August 29, 2020, with a renewal deadline looming for a great many insurance agents.

As is customary, I picked up the line. If I am not in the middle of something that I cannot tear myself away from, I will typically answer business calls, text, and emails during the off-hours. We run an online business. At any time of day or night, agents might need help with their insurance continuing education.

Upon answering, the agent on the other line says, “Thank goodness you answered. Kaplan can’t help me. I was taking an online insurance continuing education class with them and got kicked out. I couldn’t log back in and couldn’t change my password. Kaplan isn’t available on the weekend, and I need to complete my credits because of an August renewal.”

I have often wondered if Kaplan worked weekends as we did, and now I knew they do not.

I went about helping him get set up in our  UNLIMITED ONLINE INSURANCE CE access for JUST 30 DOLLARS. As I did, we joked about the excellent service Bryan Ventures offers for less tuition than Kaplan.

Later that day, another agent called because when he registered, there was a typo in the email address he provided. Because of this slight error, he could not use the lost password function at our website and could not begin his courses. He also had to renew in a couple of days and still had 15 hours of insurance continuing education to complete before the weekend was over.

While I helped him correct this problem, I remembered the words the agent said earlier that day, “Kaplan can’t help me.” If this agent had purchased classes with Kaplan, there would be no one available on a Saturday afternoon to fix the error so he could complete his online insurance continuing education.

That night, I’m watching the news at 10 PM, and a text from the business line comes in. Bryan Ventures’ calls and emails come into my personal phone, so I noticed it.

The message read, “I finished an online insurance continuing education course a few hours ago. When will it be reported?” Statements like these annoy me a bit because we tell agents taking our classes about our reporting procedures. We report earned insurance CE credits faster than any other provider, usually within hours of an insurance agent’s completion. During a renewal weekend like this, we report the credits several times per day–even over the weekend. No agent, EVER, has had a delay in their renewal when taking their insurance CE with Bryan Ventures.

Considering this simple request, I reported the credits right there on my phone as the nightly news was headed into the weather. It only took about three minutes or so, and I figured this agent would appreciate it having been done late on a Saturday evening so they could renew their insurance license.

Each of these agents paid JUST 30 DOLLARS for UNLIMITED ONLINE INSURANCE CE, and each received prompt service over the weekend so they could renew their license before the deadline. Our service has to be better than any other insurance CE provider out there. If you don’t believe us that Bryan Ventures offers the BEST INSURANCE CE, don’t take our word for it. REGISTER TODAY and find out for yourself.

Renee E. Bryan also publishes writing at her blog: WrongWayLizzie.Me.


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