Classroom Insurance
Continuing Education
COVID-19 Policy

A note from Renee E. Bryan, our Owner & Primary Instructor, about our COVID-19 policies in our Live Classroom Insurance Continuing Education (CE) Courses.

Dear Insurance Professional;

Going forward, we will offer approximately half our classroom insurance continuing education offerings as a LIVE WEBINAR and the other half we will attempt to instruct in a classroom at the original venue. You can see a map with our locations on our NO EXAM INSURANCE CE   page.

When I used the word, “attempt”, I mean it. We will make every intention to have the class at the location as scheduled, but with changes around COVID-19, proper spacing, limitations of room size, and a whole host of other items that may or may not arise, we cannot guarantee we can offer the class at any particular location. Although we will try to avoid it, some dates may again need to be converted to a  LIVE WEBINAR format.

I ask those of you who really wanted  CLASSROOM INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION to register for a class as soon as possible and encourage other insurance agents to register as well. We had several agents, as an example, say they wanted to attend in the Twin Cities. Our metro classes are historically some of our lowest attended classes. If we do not get an adequate number in any given location, it makes no sense to have the extra expense of room rental and travel when we can meet safely in a  LIVE WEBINAR. If it is important for us to host a class near you, please do what you can to ensure it makes sense for us to host the class there.

As we also consider the safest way to bring us all together in a  CLASSROOM INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION environment, there are some ground rules we need any attendees to observe. These items are recommended by the CDC and intended to offer all of us the greatest degree of safety possible.

Six Steps to Safety


If you are feeling ill or have a fever, please do not attend. We will gladly move your registration to a different date.


Please try to keep 6 feet distance from any of the other attendees that are not part of your group.


Although we will not require it, we ask that you wear a mask in class if you are not vaccinated.


If you have to cough or sneeze, please do so in a tissue or your sleeve.


Wash frequently and bring hand-sanitizer with you.


Please adhere to these rules for the safety others in class.

It is also important to acknowledge that any insurance professional coming to our  CLASSROOM INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION is making a personal choice to attend. We have made other means available through LIVE WEBINARS to get your insurance CE, and as a result, Bryan Ventures is in no way responsible should any attendee get sick. The liability of any illness contracted at the meeting is the sole responsibility of the attendee.

Please also note, if you attend CLASSROOM INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION, I am assuming you are vaccinated. In the United States, unlike so many other countries of the world, we have been blessed with an abundance of this life saving serum that allows us to resume normal life. This only works if we all take the steps necessary to not only keep ourselves healthy but also those around us. If you have not yet been vaccinated and you have no health condition prohibiting you from doing so, please be sure to get the shot (or shots) before you attend.

It’s become a bit of a platitude, but we will make it through this better than before–of this I am certain. I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful group of insurance professionals committed to the classes we offer at Bryan Ventures, Inc. I hope to see you soon! Stay safe and be well.


Review Webinar Options Instead