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Although Renee Bryan, our Primary Instructor, has taken a new job with The Dwelling Place and our classroom insurance CE classes will be limited, all of that great content is in our online classes with more to come. See what one agent had to say about the material in Bryan Ventures insurance continuing education:

I have to share with you how pleased I am for you that you are pursuing your passion with your new career change, but how MONUMENTALLY disappointed I am for me as going to your classes actually had value whereas attending others has been tortuous tedium.  I will halfheartedly wish you best of luck in your future endeavor and forgive me for hoping it does not go well so you are back instructing once again.  Very selfish of me, I realize, but you were good for me in my practice, and therefore good for my clients as well.  You have been indirectly responsible for positively affecting quite literally 1000ís of lives.  You will be missed. 

Thanks for the time you gave us. 

Bob Beseman

Financial Advisor


Because of Bob's comments and others like his, Renee Bryan happily resumed teaching at Bryan Ventures and we offer a full course line-up of LIVE classroom insurance continuing education in three midwest states--Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

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"This is the BEST CE!"