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"Headed to Mexico"

Published September 2018

This blog highlights our live insurance CE in Mazatlán as well as the upper-Midwest.

Review the possible purchase options for our DESTINATION CE classes here.

  BOOM! Like that, we went from having 40% of our DESTINATION CE insurance classes in Mazatlan booked to only having only 20% left. But...but, but, but, but, it turns out that there is plenty of room left on both the airplane and at the resort. Sun Country has been very clear with us though--they can only guarantee pricing for the two rooms and four seats we have left. The costs might change for the next batch and/or another group may take the remaining spots. As a result, it is very, very important you REGISTER TODAY if you would like to join us.
There are two other planning things related to our LIVE CLASSROOM insurance continuing education that is important to consider:

1. When these two remaining rooms are gone, we will contract for more and to guarantee the best price, we need to know how many of you would like to go. As a result, if you can't book now, but would really like to join us AND it's fairly likely you will, please respond to this email with the number of travelers.

2. In the coming months, I'll be reworking our 2019 calendar. Chances are our Iowa location will be cancelled and we'll add in more Minnesota offerings. If you are considering attending next year, please vote by registering for our LIVE CLASSROOM insurance continuing education today.


The BEST thing for you to do right now is to review our LIVE CLASSROOM insurance continuing education or our DESTINATION CE insurance classes in Mazatlan, then plan ahead by putting the dates on your calendar and registering now. WOO HOO!



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