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"Hitting the Road"

It's spring around most of the upper-Midwest. Trees are budding, flowers are beginning to bloom, and I am packing up to hit the road to visit many of you throughout Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin at our various insurance continuing education locations. WOO HOO! As the registrations continue to pour-in, I am getting so excited to see many of you in class. If you haven't checked out our upcoming insurance continuing education schedule, you can do so HERE.

We've got a number of great insurance continuing education locations coming up with plenty to do in the area--DULUTH, MANKATO, ST. CLOUD, ST. PAUL, ROCHESTER, and BURNSVILLE. Plus we have a number of outstate classes at resort, casino, and golf locations like HINCKLEY, OWATONNA, MAPLE GROVE, WILLMAR, BEMIDJI, BRAINERD, ALEXANDRIA, LA CROSSE, GRANITE FALLS, FOREST LAKE, and DETROIT LAKES. Don't forget...

Wisconsin agents can get insurance CE at Minnesota locations!

It is going to be a another great year of offering the BEST insurance continuing education courses. If you can't make it to our live classroom courses, check out our ONLINE INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION, and if you'd like to know more about how our online insurance CE courses work, visit our ONLINE INSURANCE CE INSTRUCTION page which also gives you access to a DEMO so you can see for yourself how truly easy our online course are to navigate. I'm convinced you'll agree with thousands of other insurance agents that our online CE classes are both convenient and easy!

In the coming weeks I plan to file for some new online insurance continuing education classes as well as new classroom courses. If there is a topic you're interested in, EMAIL US and I'll see what I can do to incorporate your insight. In fact, if you'd like to write some of our online course material, I am always looking for new content directly from agents working in the field. The BEST information comes directly from the agents who attend our insurance continuing education classes.

Go to OUR WEBSITE and check it out! Regardless of the type of insurance continuing education course you'd prefer to take, OUR WEBSITE is available at any hour of the day or night for you to log-on, register and complete your insurance continuing education. Should you have any questions, EMAIL US and generally within minutes, we'll be right there with a response. TEST US!

Because I miss you, I hope to see you in class at one of our live insurance continuing education classes or you take the opportunity to HIRE OUR INSTRUCTORS, but whether you do or not, send me an email or give me a call (651.257.8799). I would love to hear how things are going for you and update you on the great things happening in my life and at BRYAN VENTURES, INC.

In the meantime, Bryan Ventures is still here for you and we are NOT going anywhere!


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