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Bryan Ventures has the BEST CE Reporting Practices

  Bryan Ventures reports earned continuing education course hours every 24 hours and toward the end of the month when renewals may be due, we report several times a day. This means most earned CE credits are reported within hours of the completion.

Even agents that attend our live classroom courses find their earned insurance CE credits are normally uploaded before they have reached their car leaving class. The earned insurance CE credits are basically available immediately for their renewal!

Yes, we have CE reporting practices that beat nearly every other CE provider in the marketplace. Hands down, time and again, we have proven we can help you meet your renewal deadline with our exceptional service and timely credit reporting.

If you are getting close to your renewal deadline or would like to attend one of our live classes offered at the end of the month, don't worry! Take your CE with Bryan Ventures and we'll be sure you can renew your license within hours of your course completion.

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"This is the BEST CE!"