CE Reporting Practices


OnlineBlondThe CE reporting practices for Bryan Ventures are the best in the industry. Bryan Ventures reports earned insurance CE credit hours daily–many times within hours of your class completion for both online and classroom courses. To ensure timely insurance license renewals, toward the end of the month we frequently report insurance CE credit hours multiple times per day and even into the evening and if you attend a live classroom insurance CE course with Bryan Ventures, we will report your earned CE credits before you leave the class location.

We make every attempt to report any earned insurance continuing education in a timely manner to the appropriate website, but mistakes occasionally happen and the internal process we’ve created fails. As a result, it is important to check your transcript to ensure all CE credit hours have been reported.

Within a week of your course completion, you must ensure all the insurance CE classes you’ve completed are on the report. If any of the earned insurance CE credit hours are missing, contact the provider so they can check their CE reporting records and report the proper credits. It is important you complete this process now and also before you renew your insurance license. Ultimately it is an agent's responsibility to ensure their transcript contains all earned CE credits. Bryan Ventures will not offer any reimbursement or accept any financial responsibility for any missing CE credit hours because an agent has failed to follow these simple steps or penalties for delays in reporting earned insurance CE credits..

We further recommend you save the sign-in page to your favorites for future reference for other CE reporting practices. Thank you!