Insurance Continuing Education Requirements for Wisconsin

insurance ce requirements

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For additional information on Wisconsin Insurance Continuing Education requirements and insurance contact information, please read below or you can also view this notice from the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance:  NOTICE TO WISCONSIN INSURANCE AGENTS.


How many insurance CE credit hours must be earned?

Licensed insurance agents who are required to meet continuing education requirements for Wisconsin must earn 24 credit hours every 2 years, at least 3 of which must be in the ethics of insurance.

If I take 3 credits in ethics, what area of study do the remaining credits have to come from?

Wisconsin has never required a breakdown for the various qualifications identified on your license. The remaining credits can be in whichever line of authority you choose including additional ethics classes.

What are specific credit hour insurance CE requirements?

One “continuing education credit hour” is equivalent to 50 minutes of classroom instruction.– ALL OUR LIVE CE COURSES QUALIFY FOR WI INSURANCE CE REQUIREMENTS! Agents will receive credit only for courses they attend in full by attending all the required credit hours or completing required examinations for self-study courses. Credit will not be awarded for the exact same courses repeated in a single reporting period.

Can more insurance CE credit hours be taken during one reporting period and then applied to the next?  No. Carry-over of credits is not permitted.

Will self-study or correspondence courses satisfy the continuing education requirements

Yes. Self-study, correspondence and on-line courses can be approved if they meet the criteria under s. Ins 28.06 (6), Wis. Adm. Code, and include completion of a certified proctored examination

What happens if I fail to complete my insurance continuing education for Wisconsin and my license gets revoked?

New rules allow agents who are in this situation to reapply within one year without having to complete prelicensing education or an examination. They will, however, need to have all previous continuing education requirements met prior to reapplying. Anyone wishing to be relicensed after the one-year period will be required to meet any prelicensing and examination requirements as prescribed by law.

Get the complete overview of the insurance CE requirements for Wisconsin from the Department of Insurance:

Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, Chapter Insurance 28–Insurance CE Statute:

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Office of the Commissioner of Insurance

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