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Agents say, “This is the best insurance continuing education!”

Many companies say they have the BEST insurance continuing education. We don’t have to–the insurance professionals who take our classes say it for us. Just read the many glowing comments and recommendations for our insurance CE classes below.

Agents say, “It’s the best insurance ce!”

Here is why we are the BEST

With more than 30 years experience, we offer the things agents consider most important in their insurance continuing education.


BEST Instructors

It’s simple–we make CE fun by getting agents involved in their learning experience and throwing in more than a dash of humor.  Find out for yourself and register today.


BEST Material

We illustrate complex insurance principles with real life anecdotes and engaging examples with a goal to help you  develop more business.


BEST Service

We report credits daily, normally before you leave class, and we have staff available evenings and weekends to assist you with the online courses.


BEST Value

We offer the LOWEST price in the industry, 30 DAYS UNLIMITED ACCESS for ONLY $30, and our LIVE classes are the BEST price for the BEST classes.


BEST Locations

We offer several locations throughout greater Minnesota, or you can access our web-based classes from the comfort of your home or office.


BEST Format

We give you the tools to easily access our insurance CE classes and join the material. Our goal is easy success in an engaging environment.

We might not be the biggest, but we are the BEST!

To the left are some of the top names of insurance continuing education, yet in nearly every category, Bryan Ventures offers better CE. Don’t believe us? Click a link to the left and find out how our insurance CE stacks up against the competition.

When you’re done, you’ll realize why other agents say, “This is the BEST Insurance CE!”

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Bryan Ventures: Wall of Fame

With over 25 years experience enhancing the education of insurance and investment professionals, agents time and again tell us, “This is the BEST INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION!”
Just read some of their comments below and then find out for yourself by REGISTERING TODAY!

I can’t thank you enough for your efforts to bring your CE classes from the classroom to live video webinars. I realized the Zoom format was still a fun and interactive class. Thank you again for making is easy and fun! Always the BEST!

Bev Schwagerl, CPCU, AIM

American Agency, Inc.

This is by far the  BEST CE! I attended 16 hours, two full days, and had fun the entire time. Plus, I learned a ton. Renee keeps it lively and the whole class was engaged in the discussion. We all spend a lot of time attached to our devices. Visit us in class. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Andrew Nolting

Independent Agent

This was the  BEST way to complete insurance CE–a tropical resort in February, away from the cold and the snow, with other insurance professionals. I am to Bryan Ventures for making dea of  DESTINATION CE into a real plan. I highly recommend  DESTINATION CE to any insurance agent.

James Wedo

Independent Agent

I heard Bryan Ventures insurance continuing education courses were better than other companies, I thought, however, “How much better can they REALLY be?” I could not have been more wrong. REGISTER TODAY and you’ll join the rest of us in saying, “This really is the BEST CE!”

Jackie Frazee

Midwest Financial Group

Ready to register?

In the over 30 plus years I’ve taken insurance continuing education classes, I would maybe get a good idea or two, but the tax strategies and financial advice you have offered in your classes hands down have been the  BEST and like no other classes I’ve ever taken!

John Bassett

Now Retired Agent


I just completed one of your online ethics courses,  ENTERTAINING ETHICS  and it was truly an  ENTERTAINING. I literally laughed out loud twice during the class. Bryan Ventures is truly the BEST insurance CE.

Kenneth Klobec

Insurance Partners, Inc.

Another great job of making insurance CE courses interesting, and informative, and fun. Not many insurance continuing education classes can claim ALL three accolades!

Keep creating the BEST CE ! We’ll keep coming back.

Mark Gazelka

State Farm Insurance

The service is simply awesome! Plus, the new layout for Bryan Ventures is great. The material is wonderful too. The staff was available on evenings and weekends to assist me. This was definitely one of the BEST learning experiences. It’s better CE than other providers. I highly recommend Bryan Ventures!

Dwight K. Walker

EFS Advisors

Bryan Ventures, quite simply, offers the  BEST CE! I have learned more in your classes than any other insurance continuing education courses–ever. I especially enjoyed the wonderful humor. All the good times in class made the time fly by and made the content more interesting.

Rodney Hansen

Retired Agent

best insurance education

 Your classes actually add value whereas attending others has been tortuous tedium. You are good for my practice, and therefore good for my clients as well. You have been indirectly responsible for positively affecting quite literally 1000’s of lives. Thanks for providing the  BEST insurance CE!

Bob Beseman

Financial Advisor

The course material with Bryan Ventures was EXCELLENT and when I had questions one evening, a live person answered the phone . I was back to earning my insurance CE credits. The  BEST thing about all of this, it only cost me $30 for the BEST classes and the  BEST service.

Robert Schwendemann, FIC, LUTCF

Thrivent Financial

Register with the BEST CE!

Of all the Insurance Continuing Education (CE) I have done over the years, I find the classes with Renee Bryan to be the most valuable. I have done the online thing and it is ok, but I enjoy your style and personal contact. Thank you for all you do to make your classes the BEST Insurance CE!

W. Floyd Brannan

Independent Agent

better ce than webce

Bryan Ventures provides the  BEST CE classes out there–without exception! Because you make them fun, I stay engaged in the information and your classes always offer me some new information. After 38 years in the business, it’s great to have continuing education that is of value to both me and my clients.

William Hellerstedt

Financial Resources Planning

Great service and material. The BEST of part insurance continuing education with Bryan Ventures: It was super easy! I completed all my insurance CE in just two days for only $30.00! Bryan Ventures offers a value for insurance CE that cannot be beat!

Jonathan Otterbacher

Independent Agent

Normally you’d think of insurance classes as boring. NOT the case with Bryan Ventures! The class time went quickly. The instructor was engaging. The topics were interesting.   Thank you so much for hosting a FUN learning experience.  No doubt it is BEST insurance CE!

Lynn Erickson

State Farm Insurance

Not every insurance CE instructor gets flowers, but you do when you’re the BEST!

“Thanks again for providing the most entertaining CE classes EVER! Kaplan should attend your classes to take notes on how to keep agents engaged. See you next year!”

Andrew Nolting

Independent Agent

unlimited ce better than kaplan

Kaplan has a nice offer, but yours is a real bargain. $30 for 30 DAYS of UNLIMITED Insurance CE course access is the BEST value out there. Once agents get to know your company and the ease of your online insurance CE classes, it’s a hands down lock where their insurance CE dollars will go.

Clifford Hanson

Accord Benefit Resources, Inc.

So grateful I got off Web-CE! Having used other web-based online insurance CE platforms, I found Bryan Ventures to be the most engaging, educational, humorous, and least hassle online CE available in Minnesota. The bonus, if you have any questions, Renee is great to work with! “

Mark Berglund, MBA

Medicare, Health & LTC Broker

Bryan Ventures, Inc.
Est. 1999

A personal response from our founder

Renée E. Bryan, Owner & Primary Instructor

about insurance ce with bryan ventures

Why agents believe we offer the BEST INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION

Offering the BEST Insurance continuing education comes easy when you know what agents want and need from their CE classes. Our goal has always been to offer better classes than other CE providers.  The History of Bryan Ventures tells you a little more about the type of classes we strive to provide the insurance agents. We offer insurance CE classes that give agents better information but are also engaging and entertaining. Even our online insurance CE classes are written as we instruct them with agent comments and relevant examples. We knew we had created better CE classes when agents repeatedly told us, “This is the BEST Insurance CE!” The many glowing comments and repeated use of the word BEST, you find there is something special that sets us apart from our competition. 

Once we put together the BEST insurance CE classes, we offered the BEST price. You can get all of your insurance continuing education for just $30. That’s right, we offer  30 DAYS UNLIMITED ACCESS to our online course library for ONLY $30. You can complete your insurance CE with this for this renewal and even the next for the BEST price of just $30. We also recommend you try one of our  LIVE INSURANCE CE–either WEBINARS or CLASSROOM. We truly do put together the BEST engaging and entertaining material–and now, we offer insurance continuing education in the tropics so join us at out  DESTINATION CE locations.

Register NOW & find out why other agents say,

This is the first insurance CE class that I was not sleepy. Thanks for keeping it interesting! Not only did I enjoy these continuing education courses, but I learned very useful information for both my business and personal finances.

Todd Strem, Owner/Agent
Todd Strem Agency

Insurance continuing education that is fast moving and entertaining. Quality presentation, visuals, and handouts. GREAT value for CE credit hours!

Charlie Brecht, Representative
Catholic Aid Association

Interesting insurance CE topics and energetic instructor! Love the live classroom schedule with lunch at the meeting.

Judith von Mosch, Advisor
Waddell & Reed

The sample questions in Bryan Ventures’ online CE classes were well-written and easy to understand–too often folks write it to deliberately try to trip you up. Not the case here! This was an effective review and excellent learning tool.

Amy C. Miller, LUTCF 
Liberty Mutual Insurance

It was super easy! I completed all my insurance CE in just two days for only $30.00! Bryan Ventures offers a value for insurance CE that cannot be beat! I highly recommend them.

Jonathan Otterbacher
Licensed Agent

I always enjoy the insurance continuing education classes at Bryan Ventures! The information helps me professionally as well as personally, and the service is excellent. I especially appreciate how quickly the credits are reported to Sircon.

LaRita Velure
C&L Consulting

I found the written information in the online insurance continuing education courses to be funny and entertaining. The “gold star for finishing early” comment made me laugh out loud.

Amy C. Miller, LUTCF
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Great insurance CE courses! A ton of really good information packed into these courses and all very valuable. Better yet, I really enjoyed the writing style in all the courses. Very conversational which makes it engaging. It is not your typical boring online lesson material. Plus the service was awesome. I had a question after 5 p.m. on a weekday and received a near instantaneous response. 

Jonathan Otterbacher
Licensed Agent

Excellent! I very much like the ease of online insurance CE and the variety of classes you offer. A very positive learning experience at an extremely competitive price!  

Ken Kloubec, Owner-Agent
Insurance Partners Inc

Excellent information–informal, but professional. An insurance CE presentation with personality!

Kenneth Henrikson, President
Ken Henrikson Insurance Company

Every insurance CE class was very informative. Greatly enjoyed our instructor. She made it fun and interesting. Excellent….Thanks!

Selina Moen, Supervisor
Jackson County Bank

So many online CE classes are boring–it’s just the facts. I like the personal comments and examples in Bryan Ventures’ online insurance CE courses. It is like going to the classroom CE courses without the hassle of driving!

Darlene Dinse
State Farm Insurance

Having years of experience in various facets of this business, I have an accomplished understanding of many financial areas, yet I almost always learn something new in Bryan Ventures insurance CE classes.

Daryl H. Koch, CLU, ChFC
Daken Financial Services

The 30 days UNLIMITED ACCESS for just $30 is GREAT!

Dale M. Schumacher, MBA, CEBS, RPA, Baker Tilly Capital, LLC

New, practical ideas–BEST CE I’ve ever had!

Tom Wheeler, President
Wheeler Associates

Ethics Insurance CE that is FINALLY interesting! Great job

Mark Clennon, President
Freedom Financial

Phenomenal insurance continuing education with outstanding information. Bryan Ventures offers the BEST CE!

Wanavichet Yang
Independent Insurance Agent

Straight forward–no tricky questions. I’ve taken insurance CE courses with one of your deep-pocket competitors (not much fun), and I’m sticking with Bryan Ventures from now on!

David J. Guyot
Affordable Benefit Solutions

I always enjoy the insurance continuing education classes at Bryan Ventures! The information helps me professionally as well as personally, and the service is excellent. I especially appreciate how quickly the credits are reported to Sircon.

Kelly Brannick
c.O. Brown Agency

Very great online class–informative with instant feedback. These insurance CE courses are near perfect and I would most definitely recommend them to other agents.

Kenneth R. Kloubec
Insurance Partners, Inc.

Straight forward–no tricky questions. I’ve taken insurance CE courses with one of your deep-pocket competitors (not much fun), and I’m sticking with Bryan Ventures from now on!

David J. Guyot
Affordable Benefit Solutions

This insurance CE was great! In twelve years, I’ve never been treated so well.

Marlene Stauber

Thank you for making insurance CE fun!

Paul Enter, Advisor
Wells Fargo

The online insurance CE classes worked very well for me! I enjoyed the humor showing through–it kept my attention. The information was very insightful and I learned a lot.

Marlys Houk
Independent Agent

Kept things lively, interesting, fun, and informative–challenges in any insurance CE presentation!

Mark Gazelka
State Farm Insurance

I loved the group discussion in ethics! I was even willing to skip the breaks and work into lunch—and so did many of the other participants. Truly excellent and the BEST insurance CE class I’ve ever attended!

Brian Haluptzok

Light, jovial presentation and exquisite control of the group by the presenter.

Chris Toring, Vice President
RE Financial

These insurance CE courses are the BEST! The information is fresh and the presentation interesting.

Mark Steele
Insurance Consultant

I give Bryan Ventures insurance classes FIVE STARS! They cannot be matched by any other CE provider–simply the BEST.

Merry Ofstad
US Bank

Hands down the BEST insurance CE classes around!

Greg Kaslow
First Service Insurance Agency

This is just another reason why we offer the BEST insurance continuing education. Just $30 and you can complete your CE for this renewal and the next. We offer over 30 online classes for more than 100 insurance CE credit hours. You pick the classes and complete them at your leisure. This LOW, LOW price for insurance CE includes three ethics options, MN LTC partnership, and annuity suitability. You can take life and health classes, P&C courses, financial strategies, retirement planning ,and MUCH, MUCH MORE.


Erick Piper, Managing Partner at Triangle Solutions, LLC., purchased our 30 DAYS UNLIMITED ACCESS for just $30 two weeks before his renewal. Before his time limit expired, he completed a total of 48 insurance CE credits and fulfilled his requirement for two different renewal periods. Here’s what Erick had to say about his experience:

I wish I could say I planned it, but my purchase date happened to give me time on either side of my renewal. I got going and decided that I did not want to procrastinate on CE again,  so I started some additional classes after the first of the month. Before I knew it, I completed another 24 hours of CE–all my required hours for another renewal!

I was impressed by the course content and format. The variety of topics kept it interesting. The self-study format and 24-hour  accessibility was flexible allowing me to schedule around my obligations. I cannot imagine doing my insurance CE any other way or with anyone else, but Bryan Ventures! They really do have the BEST insurance CE.

Ready to register for better CE?

Hands down the BEST insurance CE classes around!

Greg Kaslow
First Service Insurance Agency

Bryan Ventures $30 ALL YOU CAN EAT is great! Kaplan has a nice offer, but yours is a real bargain. Once agents get to know your company and the ease of your online courses, it’s a lock as to where their insurance CE dollars will go.

Clifford Hanson
Accord Benefit Resources, Inc.

Enjoyable as always! You do such a wonderful job that I do not dread coming to your classes–I actually have a great time. You are a great presenter!

Cindy Ricke
Thrivent Financial

I really enjoy your live classrooms insurance continuing education much more because of the interaction that takes place, but having all true/false questions made the online CE courses very easy.

Celia Schwab
Northwestern Mutual Financial

I have always enjoyed your insurance CE classes and the online continuing education material offers the same engaging material. You do a great presentation in classroom or online! I also like how I get my certificate immediately after any CE class.

Sara VanNieuwenhuizen
Kozlowski Insurance Agency

I am really enjoying your online insurance CE courses. I am actually learning valuable information and it’s nice to not have to drive to get the credits I need!

Harris Haugen
Security Insurance Agency

This was the MOST interesting insurance CE class I’ve EVER taken! I look forward to attending next year.

Regina A. Johnson
State Farm Insurance

This is the first time I had taken an online insurance CE course and chose Bryan Ventures on a referral. I am glad I did! These courses are very user friendly and contain a lot of great information.

Richard Clark
Independent Agent

A lot of relevant information presented in an effective way. Easy to follow with additional resources.

Paul Kotnour
Independent Agent

Bryan Ventures is the BEST insurance CE! No other CE provider can match the content and engaging presentation.

James Walker
Old Northwest Company

I have been going to Bryan Ventures insurance continuing education for years now and you are by far the BEST. This year I brought along two work associates, one normally sleeps through class. To my surprise he was wide awake during the presentations and even took part in the discussions. The other has been in the business for forty years and states yours was by far the BEST! 

Roger R Anderson
Insurance Services

Fun! Seriously.

Fred Jensen, Financial Advisor
Edward Jones

I don’t know how you got my name, but I am happy you contacted me. I’ve attended Kaplan before and Bryan Ventures is much better!

Randy Michaelis
Independent Consultant

Time after time, Bryan Ventures makes insurance CE classes both educational and entertaining! Renee Bryan is the queen of CE training–Bryan Ventures is the only company I would even consider. A+!

Gloria Doom
Farm Bureau

I actually felt like participating in the discussion–keep up the good work in your style of insurance CE! Will recommend to fellow agents to attend Bryan Ventures classes ONLY.

Mark Clennon
Freedom Financial

Light and entertaining, but very informational. You are a walking bucket of knowledge and keep being a great education resource for insurance agents!

Kelly Pierson
Freedom Financial

Interesting, engaging and informative! In 30 years, I’ve attended many boring insurance CE classes. Bryan Ventures is NEVER boring…NEVER!

Annette Glidden
RMS of Bemidji

I like the format of the online insurance CE classes and the interactive review questions are very helpful. I could picture Renee as I read the material and it brought the information to life!

Darlene A. Schaefer, FLMI
Incentive Compensation Alternatives, LLC

I would rate this insurance CE experience as excellent. Special thanks for all the weekend assistance!

Rick Rockwood
Rockwood Insurance

I would rate your online insurance CE classes as excellent! I can always find one that I learn something new and topics of interest to me. I highly recommend your classes

Nancy A. Minkkinen
Wells Fargo

Bryan Ventures insurance CE classes have been the most informative and entertaining of any I have attended. You bring so much flavor, energy and wisdom to each and every class. Online insurance CE might be easier to fit into a busy schedule, however, I have learned that taking time away from the computer and doing the live classroom learning enriches your spirit.

Margaret Schagh
Retired Insurance Agent

Thanks for putting on the BEST CE class that I have sat through in my 21 years of being in the insurance field. OUTSTANDING JOB!

Carol Hansen

The BEST CE courses I’ve ever attended!

Beth Lanoune
State Farm Insurance

Unique stories that bring the statistics and history to life–great attention grabbers. EXCELLENT!

Barbara J. Wright-Quarton
Home Federal Bank

Upbeat–NEVER boring! BEST learning experience I’ve ever had!

Carolyn Tix

My 5th year taking CE with Bryan Ventures….LOVE IT!

Jacqueline Schmidt
Farm Bureau Financial Services

The time in class passed quickly–very useful information. Definitely one of the BEST CE courses I’ve attended!

James Koca
Necedah Insurance Agency

I was very impressed with this course, and I am seldom impressed with any CE courses, much less very impressed. It is a subject area in which I am fairly knowledgeable, but I still learned quite a bit.

Greg Travis
Greg Travis Insurance

With ethics courses you never know what you’re going to get (and so often they are BORING)….not the case for this one!

Amy C. Miller, LUTCF
Liberty Mutual Insurance