Bryan Ventures offers several options for insurance continuing education with no exam required.

Agents who register for our LIVE INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION  (CE) are not required to take an exam. Our no exam insurance continuing education classes are approved for resident insurance agents in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin . The various options for  NO EXAM INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION are discussed below.


Live Instructor Webinar

When you select our LIVE WEBINARS, you’ll meet our instructor in an online virtual classroom and take the course in the comfort of your home or office. It is the same material and instruction as any of our classroom courses. All you need is a device with internet connection and video capability. Watch the video to the right or select one of the options below to learn more about this NO EXAM insurance continuing education.

Live Insurance CE Courses

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Meet our instructor with other participants at an in-person classroom or in a live webinar. We offer live insurance CE courses every month, so regardless of when you renew, we have an option for you. Don’t worry about registering for a class at the end of your renewal month. We report your insurance CE credits the day you attend. Make sure you register early. Classes with not enough participants could be rescheduled. By registering in advance, you will ensure the live insurance CE courses you prefer will be available. You can review all of our live insurance CE options by clicking any INSURANCE CE OFFERING below.

Bryan Ventures is NEVER boring–NEVER!

Time and again, agents tell us that Bryan Ventures offers the most informative content, engaging presentations, and interactive platform. They find many ways to tell us how much they appreciate our classes, but the one word that comes up the most is BEST. Quite simply, insurance professionals believe we offer THE BEST INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION. Just like the comment above from Annette Glidden of RMS Insurance, our AGENT TESTIMONIALS page will let you know what to expect from our classes. Or, you can find out for yourself by registering today for our NO EXAM LIVE INSURANCE CE today. Get started choosing your courses by reviewing our live insurance CE options by clicking the  INSURANCE CE OFFERING below.

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A few other reasons to choose Bryan Ventures’
“NO EXAM Insurance Continuing Education”

We are confident that after a purchase of your insurance CE from Bryan Ventures,
you’ll find we are the BEST and keep coming back.

We offer the BEST service in the industry!

From reporting your insurance CE credits within hours of course completion to near immediate response to your requests sometimes even on evenings and weekends, hands down agents tell us time and again we are far more responsive than other insurance CE providers.

We know what insurance agents need from their insurance continuing education.

We know what agents need out of their CE classes and also the typical questions that arise. We’ve anticipated much of these common issues and simply removed them from your educational process. We are so streamlined that our customer service staff spends much of their time being proactive to make things even easier for you! This experience ensures we are offering you the BEST insurance CE courses.

We offer the BEST value for NO EXAM insurance continuing education.

Unlike other CE providers, we provide snacks and refreshments at our classroom locations. Not only is this a nice perk and makes the best use of your time while getting your insurance CE, but also creates a better atmosphere to network with other insurance professionals to share valuable product and sales ideas. This added value is why agents say, “ These are the BEST insurance CE courses!”

We are a small local company with service that feels like family.

When you buy your insurance continuing education from Bryan Ventures, you aren’t helping a CEO get their third vacation home. You are helping our few employees pay their mortgage, put food on the table, and ensure their kids can head off to college. Our customers are our shareholders and you are the ones we strive to make happy.

Our service is just better–it is.

We’ve received calls, more than one, from people taking insurance CE classes with other insurance CE providers, who were unable to get assistance when they needed it. They called us instead. We got them set up in our insurance continuing education, and they were able to complete their CE courses for their renewal.

We are here for you when you want to get your insurance CE completed. Just read the two blogs linked below to better understand the exceptional service at Bryan Ventures.


24/7 Response

Whether it’s an evening, weekend, or holiday, our staff is checking for your call, text, or email. We list our CONTACT information at the top of every website page for easy access.

Easy Access

Our website and online insurance continuing education learning centers are set up for easy access avoiding the need to contact our staff for service.


The website and our online learning platform run efficiently without incidence. That is not the case with other providers of Insurance CE. We know of more than one case users waited days for technical support. Not the case at Bryan Ventures.

Our FAQ page and the introduction in the online learning center easily offers the answers to the most frequent questions and includes a TECH SUPPORT section which solves 99.9% of issues users might experience.

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by email, text, or phone
or social media
best ce goes global

Bryan Ventures has taken a classic form of NO EXAM CE and made it better.


We offer discount travel packages to tropical destinations at an all-inclusive resort. Family and friends are welcome to join us. For licensed insurance agents, we’ll have class a few mornings during the week.

Bryan Ventures makes the BEST CE even better!

Our NO EXAM Insurance CE Reporting Practices are the BEST  in the industry.

Do you want the company with the fastest insurance CE reporting?

Bryan Ventures reports earned insurance CE credit hours multiple times per day within hours of your class completion even on evenings, weekends, and holidays. Our insurance CE reporting is faster than any other insurance CE provider.

To ensure timely insurance license renewals, toward the end of the month we increase the frequency that we report insurance CE credit hours. If you are taking our ONLINE INSURANCE CE classes, we will report credits well into the evening, and if you attend a LIVE INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION course, your earned credits are normally reported before you leave class. Learn more about our excellent service on this blog, KAPLAN CAN’T HELP ME.

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