Bryan Ventures offers discount travel packages to tropical destinations where we host  LIVE NO EXAM insurance CE. You do not need to be a licensed insurance agent to travel with us. Friends and family are welcome.

Our LIVE NO EXAM insurance CE is approved for resident agents in Iowa, Minnesota & Wisconsin. We are one of the few insurance continuing education providers to continue to offer in-person classes so register today. Watch any of the videos below to learn more about these classes or EMAIL our staff today.

first in-person destination ce class

Oceanside: Our firstDestination Class

This video was created when Renee, our primary instructor, was walking along the beach just prior to setting up our first IN-PERSON DESTINATION INSURANCE CE CLASS.


Tour the resort with Renee

After the morning insurance CE class, Renee, our primary instructor, takes you on a tour of the ALL-INCLUSIVE RESORT, in Mazatlan, The Playa.


Renee brought the loon call to Mexico

Whether you join us for the IN-PERSON DESTINATION CE classes or the LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS, every class includes the same fun, interactive experience.

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They met at the first DESTINATION CE and still travel together

This crew met at the first Bryan Ventures IN-PERSON DESTINATION CE and have continued to travel together every year since. Read about it in this blog, FUN FOR YEARS.

We offer the BEST INSURANCE CE in ALL three product types

Be sure to scroll down and find out more about how the insurance continuing education options with Bryan Ventures compare with Kaplan Financial Insurance CE. Then register so you can find out for yourself why other agents say, ” This is the BEST CE!”

Our online courses are Convenient & Easy. For just $39, get UNLIMITED ACCESS from any device, anytime with NO LIMIT and we’ll track your progress. Only T/F questions & 70% accuracy to pass. 

Meet our instructor in a ZOOM classroom through any device with internet and video capability. Identical content as our in-person CE classes from the comfort of your home or office.

We offer discount packages to tropical destinations where you can attend insurance continuing education. We are the only provider that continues to offer this type of insurance CE offering.

What do we offer in our IN-PERSON DESTINATION Insurance CE the BEST?

The founder of Bryan Ventures, Renee E. Bryan, spent a career in the insurance and financial services industry, and started this company with one primary goal in mind–give agents what they want in their insurance continuing education. The professionals that attend our IN-PERSON DESTINATION INSURANCE CE classes tell us we met that objective. You can read their comments on our BEST INSURANCE CE page or learn more ABOUT BRYAN VENTURES.

REGISTER NOW and find out for yourself the premium value our insurance continuing education classes offer.


Whether in-person or a webinar, our goal in a live insurance CE course is to compel agents to participate in the discussion. The class is better with your input, and the time goes faster.


If you prefer to sit back and listen, our live insurance CE discussions are designed to draw you in and hold your attention. Continuing education shouldn’t be a chore–we make it fun.


Join us for our  IN-PERSON DESTINATION INSURANCE CE course. Bryan Ventures offers discount travel packages to tropical destinations where you can attend approved insurance continuing education. Other insurance continuing education providers no longer offer in-person classroom courses.


You are important to us. Bryan Ventures is a small, female owned company that values building real relationships. Over the years of instructing courses, we’ve come to really know and appreciate our customers. REGISTER and feel a part of our community.

Do what you love to do and do it so well that those who come to see you do it will bring others to watch you do it again and again and again. –Mark Victor Hansen

I can think of nothing that an audience won’t understand. The only problem is to interest them; once they are interested, they understand anything in the world. –-Orson Welles

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