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Bryan Ventures, Inc.
Est. 1999

A personal response from our founder

Renée E. Bryan, Owner & Primary Instructor

about insurance ce with bryan ventures

Why insurance agents say we offer the BEST CHEAP INSURANCE CE.

Beginning in 1986 and spanning over thirteen years, I worked as a sales representative for various insurance companies and investment firms. Through this experience, I helped develop business and additional sales for literally thousands of different insurance and investment professionals across the country.

This vast experience brought me in contact with insurance professionals of all kinds and gave me a unique perspective of understanding what insurance agents need. I also had the benefit of accumulating unique product and tax applications from some of the best insurance and investment professionals in this business. As you’d imagine, these ideas and concepts are included in our continuing education coursework and offer proven strategies designed to add value to your business and personal finances.

Our story doesn’t stop there—if it did, I would be using these ideas as a highly accomplished sales rep helping a multi-billion dollar insurance company make more money, but instead I decided to take those ideas and create a business offering a better educational value to insurance agents.