So much has happened since I wrote the last blog in October 2023. I am not sure where to begin. The picture below is the sunrise from my new home in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Through much of October and part of November, I steadily went through all the items in my home. Some were sold, some were given away, some went to the trash heap–what remained got packed into a 20 by 15-foot room I recently had built in my basement. Correction: Three suitcases remained which was all I planned to bring to Mexico for my move, and a couple of boxes my daughter wanted me to bring to her in New Jersey.

November 8 and 9 were our final in-person classes in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Our attendees have asked, “Renee, is this the end of your in-person classes in Minnesota?” Sadly, yes–even if I return to live in Minnesota, doing routine in-person live insurance CE makes little sense.

Please do not become offended when I say, “…in-person CE makes little sense.” There is value in it–we get together. We see friends old and new. We create bonds and comradery. We make professional connections, and we gain new insight. Those are all valuable things–and we found, we get ALL of those same things in our LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS.

Over the weekend, a long-time attendee of our LIVE INSURANCE CE sent an email wondering why there were no in-person classes posted on the site. I explained my move to Mazatlan, and how we sent many emails throughout 2023 so agents could register for the final in-person classes in Minnesota. I went on to say that I was sorry he missed those notices, BUT that the LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS are the same, and agents LOVE them. He said, “You do offer the BEST CE. It has to be great.” HUZZAH! Another convert.

Through LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS, I can work anywhere. This also means you can join the class from anywhere. At home recovering from a surgery or illness, while visiting the grandkids across the country, while housesitting for a friend, in the limo headed to Lambeau Field, from a houseboat, at the cabin–I say all of these because agents have joined us in a live Zoom classroom from all these places and more.

Anywhere you have an internet connection with video capability, you can take your INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION. The picture that marks the header of this blog is from the rooftop garden at my condo. I may try to teach Wednesday morning’s class from that perch. Pretty stunning, isn’t it? I was up there working this weekend, and it all seemed pretty surreal like it all jumped into a movie set. It was so beautiful!

The picture below is sunset at the beach which is four blocks from my condo. This stunning view and the beautiful space in Mazatlan are why I said, “…routine in-person classes…” For the winter of 2025, I am going to dust off and bring back our DESTINATION CE CLASSES. Those of you that enjoy in-person insurance CE, come on down. Your resort will be right on these shores. We’ll have class a few of the mornings while you’re here. You can enjoy the beaches, the food, the sun, and the beauty. I hope to host a party on the stunning rooftop for attendees. I brought the loon call for such an event!

There is something else important for you to know. Right now, I am working to build 15–YES, FIFTEEN–NEW LIVE FOUR-HOUR INSURANCE CE CLASSES. This is SIXTY INSURANCE CE HOURS. There is lots of variety and lots of options–and here is another bonus of doing exclusively LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS–we are only going to teach half days. Morning or afternoon options–but just half days.

When we scheduled in-person insurance CE, it made sense to go with a full day. We would all travel in from various areas and it was wise to make the most of it while we were there. When we host a LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINAR, it doesn’t make sense to sit on the computer all day. Doing half days keeps our energy and our focus up, and that makes for even better classes.

Another BIG benefit of LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS–instead of a full day or even two full days, come join us for four hours of LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS every couple of months. You can more easily space out your attendance to times that are better for your schedule, and pop in for any sort of insurance education refresher.

Phew, I’ve almost covered everything. We are getting to the end of the list. Christmas is coming and the holiday season is upon us. To celebrate, Bryan Ventures is offering you 20% off of your purchase of LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS with coupon code HappyHolidays. Be sure to use it at checkout for the lowest price.

We arrive at the final point, let’s stay connected. If you are on Facebook, and you’ve attended our classes, send me a FACEBOOK FRIEND REQUEST. I love seeing the things in your life, and I love continuing to encourage each other outside of our professional lives. Some of the Bryan Ventures Facebook clan have now retired, and I get to see all the wonderful things happening for you so please send the request today: RENEE’S FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.

May you have the BEST holiday season, the brightest new year, and many, many blessings to follow.

PS: Part of the reason I moved to Mazatlan was to write a book, “THE MORALITY OF MONEY–Combining Faith with Finances”. It combines all I’ve learned from bright agents like you about the world of money and how to make the most of it while STILL keeping your morals intact. Please look for more updates on this–I am very excited about this new opportunity.

This blog highlights the lively discussions in our LIVE INSURANCE CE classes. Published December 2023. Renee E. Bryan also publishes writing on her blog: WrongWayLizzie.Me.


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