Insurance CE for 25 Years-Full Circle

Okay, I’ll be honest–it’s not quite 25 YEARS. It’s really 24 plus, but it’s so darn close I am going to roll with INSURANCE CE FOR 25 YEARS!

Our IN-PERSON LIVE INSURANCE CE began its start and started its end in the same place at the same time of year. That’s right–our very first LIVE INSURANCE CE class was in Mankato, MN in September 1999. Two weeks ago, on September 20 & 21, 2023, was our close to LAST IN-PERSON INSURANCE CE classes. We only have BRAINERD in October and ST. CLOUD in November remaining before I leave to live in Mexico.

I remember that first class. There were about 14 people in attendance. Not too bad since I had just mailed a self-drafted flyer in July. As I sat in my hotel room during the lunch break adding all costs against the tuition, I thought, “This is going to work!”

And work it did! Our class sizes in Mankato and other similar locations got to a high of 100 plus at the heyday of IN-PERSON INSURANCE CE classes. There are times I think, “Those were the days.” In some ways there were. I certainly made a heck of a lot more money then.

However, smaller classes have brought better relationships with the agents who attend our classes. As important, smaller classes mean that people are more willing to speak in the class. This interaction is the BEST part of the class. To top it off, those of you who have been around a while, attending several of our classes, have gotten to know others in the class which means we all feel more comfortable. All of this has made our classes better and I can’t put a price tag on that.

The other thing that has gone full circle: Our most recent Mankato class had about the same size as that 1999 class–maybe slightly larger. Two of the people in the class were retiring. One agent celebrated his FINAL INSURANCE CE HOUR with us. That happens in nearly every class. As sad as I am each time that happens, I’m grateful there is normally a person or two that is attending their first Bryan Ventures insurance CE course to take their place, but at this class, there was no one new. We all know that does not make for a sustainable business model.

Right now, I cry at nearly every LIVE INSURANCE CE class. Not because there’s no one new or I think I might be making a mistake. I know we ALL will be happier with the LIVE WEBINARS and I believe there will be a stream of new people in class in large part due to your referrals. I cry because it’s the end of an era. We’ve had some darn good times–lots of them–at our IN-PERSON INSURANCE CE CLASSES. Change is hard.

In this last Mankato class, a gentleman who hardly said a word the full two days, asked this question toward the end of class, “Renee, will you ever be back?” It is not the first time an agent in class has asked this question. It brings tears again when I think of this moment. My response was, “Probably not.” While I don’t know for sure what life will bring, my kids live elsewhere and I want to be near my grandbabies when they start making them.

Besides, you can meet me in a LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINAR. It’s the same class–exactly. Sometimes better because we can exchange information more readily since we are all on the internet. I can’t take care of any grandbabies in Zoom, but we can do the EXACT SAME LIVE INSURANCE CE classes there. That way you can be anywhere in the world you need to be and take a LIVE INSURANCE CE class with Bryan Ventures.

Even better, it’s easier to break up your INSURANCE CONTINUING EDUCATION throughout the year. For 2024-2025 TEACHING CYCLE, we are offering 15 different LIVE INSURANCE CE classes in half-day sessions during all 12 months of the year. Pick and choose classes throughout the year without having to commit two days to get your INSURANCE CE while I’m in town.

BONUS–NO driving, sweatpants allowed, and you can get a few things done around the home or office during the breaks.

I encourage you to check out our 2024-2025 LIVE INSURANCE CE class schedule and plan your future classes. If you still need some insurance CE for this renewal, come join us at one of our final two IN-PERSON INSURANCE CE courses.

The agents in attendance in Mankato all agreed they would pop into our LIVE WEBINARS in Zoom. That is why I selected the picture you see for this blog–a NEW DAWN is rising in the world of insurance CE at Bryan Ventures. Although there’s some grief, tears, and a little fear of change, normally when we get to the other side, we find it’s better and brighter once we get there.

This blog highlights our move to exclusively NO EXAM WEBINARS for our LIVE INSURANCE CE. Published October 2023. Renee E. Bryan also publishes writing on her blog: WrongWayLizzie.Me.


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