When I moved to Mazatlan and began exclusively offering LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS, I thought I would show you around Mexico. I haven’t been out there much—I’ve been too busy working—but all of that is starting to change. […]
The new tuition pricing structure for our LIVE INSURANCE CE comes with both good and not-so-good news. I’m unwilling to use the word ‘bad’ because it isn’t ‘bad’; it’s just not so good. “Not so good” fits better. […]
We’ve kicked off our NEW 2024-2025 LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS this last week. Agents LOVED the new format with a half day of classes. We all had a lot of energy and lively discussions. The new content was […]
Insurance CE for 25 Years-Full Circle Okay, I’ll be honest–it’s not quite 25 YEARS. It’s really 24 plus, but it’s so darn close I am going to roll with INSURANCE CE FOR 25 YEARS! Our IN-PERSON LIVE INSURANCE CE began its […]
I recently wrapped up our classes in Duluth, and one of the agents leaving, said, “If I never see you again, I want you to know I really enjoyed your classes.” I asked her, “Are you retiring?” She […]
Some families are a little bit whacky. Well, maybe a bit more than a ‘little’ whacky, possibly bordering on crazy! And some families are creepy. To some, they might be a little beyond creepy, but bordering on just […]
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LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS can be instructed or attended anywhere. It’s probably best to start from honest footing. I will be instructing insurance CE for Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin agents in Savannah, Georgia, but we are hosting these […]
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We instructed our new INSURANCE CE WEBINARS last week and it was a SMASHING SUCCESS. Agents were engaged in the material, they learned a lot, and we had fun. Yes, FUN in an insurance CE webinar. We laughed […]
UPDATE: Our insurance CE webinars turned out pretty darn great. All the worry below was for no reason. To read more about how well our insurance CE webinars work for agents, check out these other blog posts: LIVE […]
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I hope you are doing well. COVID-19 has changed the world dramatically. It’s amazing to consider how much has really changed in the last few weeks. Here’s just a little perspective on what we’ve done at Bryan Ventures […]
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Bryan Ventures is FULLY back in business and Renee is instructing every live insurance CE class! As we set up our classes in Detroit Lakes, one of the agents said, “Oh good, you’re here! Since you took a […]
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