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We instructed our new INSURANCE CE WEBINARS last week and it was a SMASHING SUCCESS. Agents were engaged in the material, they learned a lot, and we had fun. Yes, FUN in an insurance CE webinar. We laughed and we discussed the material–again, yes, discuss. Agents chiming-in and sharing ideas on the concepts we were presenting. Overall, just like our live classroom courses, we enjoyed our time together.

Granted, there were a few moments when we had a few electronic glitches, but that happens in our live classroom courses, and it happens in our online classes too. In fact, these “electronic glitches” seems to be a natural part of our modern life, but really and truly, for the most part, everything went well and in those rare occasions it did not, we made the most of it and had a laugh about it in the process.

There are a couple common themes of access problems that I was able to diagnose. Both are SUPER easy to overcome and deal with to ensure access to our Zoom INSURANCE CE WEBINARS.

One, make sure you are accessing the right course we are instructing at that time. We emailed out confirmations with those details; however, our instruction packet allows access to any of our INSURANCE CE WEBINARS. Agents registered for multiple classes were unsure and attempted to join a Zoom room that did not house the class. This obstacle is easy to overcome. Just pay close attention to the schedule and select the right course at the right time.

Two, if you’ve never used Zoom or really any webinar access platform, try it out first. You can even do a Zoom meeting completely for free with a friend or co-worker. The platform allows for free access. Our Zoom rooms are available for you to test or to try before the start of class time. Ultimately, it is as easy as click and enter–REALLY. Agents who planned ahead had a much better success rate.

There were a few other considerations. A few companies do not allow their agents to access Zoom or other programs from their work device, or their work computer doesn’t have a camera, which is required for access. Easy fix again–just use any device with a camera. Log on with your phone, iPad, or personal computer. Some agents don’t have a cell phone and we require texting to sign-in for the class. Again, no problem. Email us instead or set up a Google voice number. Any of these very minor glitches are easily overcome.

There is no reason at all for anyone to not register for our INSURANCE CE WEBINARS. The vast majority of insurance agents accessing our webinars had absolutely no problem at all. They opened their device and joined the class.

Here are a couple REALLY IMPORTANT reason I’d like you to consider taking the time to register for a LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS  TODAY.

if you enjoy live classroom insurance CE or would like to consider an alternative from a solitary online learning platform, join us for an INSURANCE CE WEBINAR. I don’t believe we’ll be in a real classroom environment anytime soon. I’m willing to do it. Overall, I’m in good health and although there is a health risk, it’s minimal for me. That maybe the case for you too; however, in some of our live classroom insurance CE courses, there were dates we had barely enough agents to make it profitable. With these increased health risks, there will be even fewer agents willing to join us, and even more important than all of that, I cannot accept the risk of us getting together and an agent in our class getting sick. That does not seem a wise choice when other alternatives exist.

Our revenue, like so many other business, is down–WAY DOWN. Yes, we’ve had an increase in ONLINE INSURANCE CE sales; however, the revenue on these classes is so much lower than our live classroom courses, which would be normally be flowing in with all the classes we have scheduled until year end. We are NOT getting any of those sales and it is causing an enormous financial shortfall.

This is what I am asking you to do–register for a LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINAR. One four-hour class to just see what it’s like, or register for one of our upcoming CLASSROOM INSURANCE CE courses. When the class date rolls around, maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to meet in person. If not, we’ll easily convert your purchase to a LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINAR  or allow you to postpone your registration to a later date. Right now, we need you to help us stay afloat, if you possibly can. Times are tough for so many. I pray you are physically and financially well; and, I hope to see you in a Zoom room soon. 😀

This blog highlights the introduction of webinar insurance CE classes at Bryan Ventures.

Renee E. Bryan also publishes writing at her blog: WrongWayLizzie.Me.


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