The new tuition pricing structure for our LIVE INSURANCE CE comes with both good and not-so-good news. I’m unwilling to use the word ‘bad’ because it isn’t ‘bad’; it’s just not so good. “Not so good” fits better. […]
I put it off way too long–really, I did. I kept our prices low to try to bring in new business. I thought that if we offered the lowest-priced option, price-conscious agents would pick our classes. Then through […]
I’ll tell you a few secrets about the service at Bryan Ventures. First, as the owner of the company, I take care of ALL of it. Yes, ALL! We automated our website in 2015, and shortly after that, […]
For decades, Bryan Ventures has worked to make the learning experience easier and more convenient than other insurance continuing education providers. Last summer, we rolled out a new website designed to make it faster to find the classes […]
insurance continuing education registration
Not all insurance CE providers are the same. Bryan Ventures works over the weekend, helping agents renew on time. A recent Saturday afternoon, I was taking care of a few projects around the house, and the business line […]
just 30 dollars
Learn how to get all your insurance CE for this renewal and the next for just $30.* A few months ago, I was driving along on a Saturday afternoon, and our business line rang into my phone. I […]
webinars that are better than kaplan
We instructed our new INSURANCE CE WEBINARS last week and it was a SMASHING SUCCESS. Agents were engaged in the material, they learned a lot, and we had fun. Yes, FUN in an insurance CE webinar. We laughed […]
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I hope you are doing well. COVID-19 has changed the world dramatically. It’s amazing to consider how much has really changed in the last few weeks. Here’s just a little perspective on what we’ve done at Bryan Ventures […]
advice for wise financial choices
Published February 2019 This blog highlights Bryan Ventures’ advice about wise financial choices offered in our live insurance CE classes. Renee E. Bryan also publishes writing at her blog: WrongWayLizzie.Me. Just the other day, out of the blue, […]
Oh my gosh, if dorky really was FUN, the picture to the left would cover it! LOL! I don’t have many pictures, basically none at all, of me teaching our live classroom insurance CE. I could have staged something, but […]
Recently I was doing a little bit of market research and happened upon our biggest competitor’s Facebook page. My intent was to see what types of items were they posting. We’ve started doing a lot more advertising on […]
who reads all this crap
Recently…Okay–right off, I just started with a half-truth. What I am about to tell you happened “recently”; however, this is something I am ALWAYS doing. Oops, sorry…another half-truth. Really, a DRAMATIC OVERSTATEMENT due to the sales person or […]
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