Oh my gosh, if dorky really was FUN, the picture to the left would cover it! LOL! I don’t have many pictures, basically none at all, of me teaching our live classroom insurance CE. I could have staged something, but getting this message out to our agents was far more important than my vanity. There are attributes way more important than looks. In fact, I recently got one of the BEST compliments, EVER!

Recently I was teaching a live classroom insurance CE course in central Wisconsin. Although I’d instructed a class for this group once before, there were a number of insurance agents in the room that I had never met before. I was there for a full day of insurance CE and at the break following the first-hour after lunch, I heard a woman in the room say,


t was music to my ears–I could have kissed her, and even though I was eavesdropping, I couldn’t help, but thank her. She went on to say, “You are very welcome. I loved the morning ethics class. I’ve taken a lot of courses and NEVER attended one that was so thought-provoking and interesting. Most others are so boring. Then when I heard we had a tax class this afternoon, I cringed, but I cannot believe how incredibly interesting and fun that first hour was.”

Again, there was the urge to kiss her! Her words reflected something I’ve worked so hard to achieve and I just wish more insurance agents would step away from the online world of insurance CE or those other boring classes to come join us in our live classroom insurance CE courses. The two classes she referenced were, THE BUSINESS OF ETHICS and SUCCESSFUL TAX & TRUST STRATEGIES. Both are offered at several locations throughout Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. You can check out our CLASSROOM TEACHING SCHEDULE at our website or access our full brochure here.

Still not convinced? Here’s another one for you. As I wrapped up class in Owatonna this week, an agent said, “I take a lot of my CE online, but I always come to your class for ethics. It truly is the BEST entertainment dollar around” He quite literally looks at attending our live classroom ethics courses as part of his entertainment budget. What other CE provider can say that?!?!? The challenge is getting insurance agents who have NEVER attended our classes before to try it out and see the difference–SERIOUSLY! Please take a moment, look at our upcoming schedule, and join us for a couple classes–be sure you add our live classroom insurance CE course, THE BUSINESS OF ETHICS, to your purchase. You will not be disappointed–I promise.

Published April 2018. This blog highlights the FUN educational value of our LIVE Classroom Insurance Continuing Education Courses. Renee E. Bryan also publishes writing at her blog: WrongWayLizzie.Me.


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