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We did it! As promised, we finally made arrangements with a tropical site to host our live classroom insurance continuing education classes. We worked with the tour groups department at Sun County Airlines and we found fabulous rates for air, transport and all-inclusive accommodations at the PLAYA MAZATLAN BEACH RESORT. Take a peek–the pictures on this page are directly from their location. Stunning, isn’t it?

We were all set to sign the contract and make the travel packages available to  you when we got the news that Sun Country’s sale to a NY investment firm might change their scheduled flights as well as destinations. A few months from now when they finalize any changes, everything about our package may stay exactly the same or it might all change.

However, this may turn out to be a really good opportunity to see your real and true interest in the opportunity to do your insurance CE abroad. We have published the DESTINATION CE travel packages at our website at NO COST so that you can see the pricing and vote your preference by preregistering. Those that do will get first priority when these packages become available for sale.

Please go ahead and check out the package options available at our DESTINATION CE page. With our group purchasing power, we were able to negotiate deep-discounts on the travel options, and there are NO restrictions or requirements that you must be an insurance agent to join us. You can share this opportunity with family and friends as well. Currently we have NO limits to the number of travelers in this package and why it is so important that you vote with your preregistration as to the number who might join. Below you’ll find a few bullet points to address the common questions. Additional information is available on our DESTINATION CE page.

  • Our current travel dates are FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1st to FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8th, 2019.
  • Planned destination is Mazatlan, Mexico.
  • All-inclusive stay at PLAYA MAZATLAN BEACH RESORT.
  • We are offering packages with air, transport, and resort accommodations, or LAND ONLY.
  • Both of these vacation packages are available for single or double travelers.
  • Flights are out of Minneapolis/St. Paul.
  • We plan to instruct four insurance CE courses, 4-hours each on the weekday mornings while at the resort.
  • We will offer required classes like ethics, annuities, and LTCP.
  • These courses are approved for resident licensed agents in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

This is all explained in more detail at our DESTINATION CE page. I encourage you to take a look and then get yourself and whomever else might join you preregistered. If you have any questions, certainly email us.

Because of some of the feedback received during our initial survey stage, I think it’s important to address some other concerns. As an example, one person commented, “This seems like a CE scam.” I’m unsure what exactly they meant by this, but I think maybe this person thought we were going to charge these fees, all take off for Mexico and then never teach the classes. This could NOT be further from the truth. We will indeed teach four complete hours of insurance CE the four mornings we schedule and as a result, each participant will be compliant.

Maybe instead this person thought by flying to Mexico to get their CE that the class would somehow be invalid to your resident state. That is simply not the case. The insurance CE approved material can be instructed anywhere PROVIDED all of the other regulations are followed. This is why an Iowa, Wisconsin or Minnesota agent could cross the boarder and get their CE in a neighboring state…or Las Vegas…or Hawaii…or Mexico.

Another comment, “This is a false tax-deduction.” Whoa–hold on! We have NOT said one word about deducting this trip off anyone’s taxes. If that is something you are considering doing or are concerned about, please check with your tax-preparer. That’s not our job and that is also NOT part of the benefits we’ve listed about this DESTINATION CE opportunity.

If you were concerned about some of those same points, I hope that helps. I also hope you take a look at the packages and the plans we’ve put together. Be sure to cast your vote. All we need now is for Sun Country to agree that Bryan Ventures and the great insurance agents in the upper Midwest should have this opportunity to have CE classes in Mazatlan February 2019 and let us sign that contract! WOO HOO!

Published April 2018. This blog highlights plans for live insurance CE in Mazatlán. Review the possible purchase options here. Renee E. Bryan also publishes writing at her blog: WrongWayLizzie.Me.


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