We’ve kicked off our NEW 2024-2025 LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS this last week. Agents LOVED the new format with a half day of classes. We all had a lot of energy and lively discussions. The new content was […]
Insurance CE for 25 Years-Full Circle Okay, I’ll be honest–it’s not quite 25 YEARS. It’s really 24 plus, but it’s so darn close I am going to roll with INSURANCE CE FOR 25 YEARS! Our IN-PERSON LIVE INSURANCE CE began its […]
insurance ce webinar savannah ga
LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS can be instructed or attended anywhere. It’s probably best to start from honest footing. I will be instructing insurance CE for Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin agents in Savannah, Georgia, but we are hosting these […]
webinars that are better than kaplan
We instructed our new INSURANCE CE WEBINARS last week and it was a SMASHING SUCCESS. Agents were engaged in the material, they learned a lot, and we had fun. Yes, FUN in an insurance CE webinar. We laughed […]
UPDATE: Our insurance CE webinars turned out pretty darn great. All the worry below was for no reason. To read more about how well our insurance CE webinars work for agents, check out these other blog posts: LIVE […]
ce webinars insurance classes
I hope you are doing well. COVID-19 has changed the world dramatically. It’s amazing to consider how much has really changed in the last few weeks. Here’s just a little perspective on what we’ve done at Bryan Ventures […]
insurance ce at resort locations
Last Wednesday and Thursday, July 10th & 11th, I conducted another great insurance CE class at a beautiful resort location. This course was in Duluth, Minnesota, on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior. I honestly cannot put into […]
trumped by a tax twist
Without any excuses, I simply have to apologize to any of the agents who attended our classes that discussed taxes this past year, namely WISE FINANCIAL CHOICES and SUCCESSFUL TAX & TRUST STRATEGIES. In nearly every course, I uttered these words, “Based […]
advice for wise financial choices
Published February 2019 This blog highlights Bryan Ventures’ advice about wise financial choices offered in our live insurance CE classes. Renee E. Bryan also publishes writing at her blog: WrongWayLizzie.Me. Just the other day, out of the blue, […]
a wise teacher makes learning a joy
While visiting my daughter at college, I found this coffee cup (image to the left) at a local discount store. Being a teacher that loves my work, I had to buy it. A WISE TEACHER MAKES LEARNING A […]
Oh my gosh, if dorky really was FUN, the picture to the left would cover it! LOL! I don’t have many pictures, basically none at all, of me teaching our live classroom insurance CE. I could have staged something, but […]
live insurance ce classes
Bryan Ventures is FULLY back in business and Renee is instructing every live insurance CE class! As we set up our classes in Detroit Lakes, one of the agents said, “Oh good, you’re here! Since you took a […]
legal therapy
Sometimes “Legal Therapy” is as important to the psyche as any form of counseling and well worth every penny. If you are unsure what I mean by “Legal Therapy”, it’s an appointment, maybe several, with an attorney to work through […]
who reads all this crap
Recently…Okay–right off, I just started with a half-truth. What I am about to tell you happened “recently”; however, this is something I am ALWAYS doing. Oops, sorry…another half-truth. Really, a DRAMATIC OVERSTATEMENT due to the sales person or […]
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