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Last Wednesday and Thursday, July 10th & 11th, I conducted another great insurance CE class at a beautiful resort location. This course was in Duluth, Minnesota, on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior. I honestly cannot put into words all the things that made this class so wonderful and others like it. Let me try to share with you some of the highlights. I do this because something special occurs, making these courses unique. You won’t find unicorns or fairy dust there, but something magical.

Lynn has been attending our courses for more years than either of us might like to admit, and over the years, we’ve forged a special friendship. Each time she comes to class, she brings me a little gift. Even in the off-season, we’ll provide each other with life updates. I know her, she knows me, and Lynn is not the only agent I hold in this realm of lovely people who enrich my life.

Lynn stated that other agents agreed that our classes offered valuable information and entertainment when class started. Over the years of attending, she has garnered several great ideas and, in the process, also had fun. Lynn, and other professionals just like her, have shared numerous prosperous and enlightening ideas with the group. I am blessed to be part of this synergy.

Second, we had two gentlemen drive up from southwestern Minnesota to attend class, one from central Wisconsin and another from the Sioux City area of Iowa, to attend class at this resort location. Some had family in the area, which is a common theme. Others wanted a getaway and needed insurance continuing education. All enjoyed the beautiful area. One of the evenings, there was a light misting of rain, and we were blessed with a beautiful double rainbow over the lake. Breathtaking!

It doesn’t matter which state you are in–agents from Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin can meet up with us at any location and get your resident insurance CE credits fulfilled. We still have several great DESTINATION SITES available.

Of course, you could come to our most sought-after destination site and join us in February 2020 in MAZATLAN, MEXICO. We have two additional weeks available, so hopefully, something will fit your schedule. The sunny skies and warm days in the northland will not last forever, and we have limited space for these trips. If this is something you’d like to do, don’t wait.

The last thing I’d like to share is something we discussed in our EXCEEDING RETIREMENT GOALS insurance CE class this season in our Life Expectancy section. We review what the research tells us about living a long and happy life–essentially how to plan for the BEST retirement. These studies suggest us that those who are more socially engaged, with quality relationships around them and plenty of people to chat with live the longest–and they’re happier too.

Don’t believe me? Watch this TED Talk about LIVING TO 100 & BEYOND. Better yet, come to one of our  EXCEEDING RETIREMENT GOALS insurance CE classes at a RESORT LOCATION, we’ll chat about it. You’ll be adding time to your lifespan and having a good time in the process. I promise.

This blog highlights our LIVE CLASSROOM CE and DESTINATION CE insurance classes in sunny Mazatlan, Mexico. Published July 2019. Renee E. Bryan also publishes writing at her blog: WrongWayLizzie.Me.


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