When I moved to Mazatlan and began exclusively offering LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS, I thought I would show you around Mexico. I haven’t been out there much—I’ve been too busy working—but all of that is starting to change.

When the United States (US) sprung all their clocks forward, Mexico didn’t change. During COVID-19, our southern neighbors decided enough was enough with all these flipping clocks back and forth. They decided to stay on Daylight Savings Time.

I wish the US would do the same, but until they do, during the winter months, you’re one hour ahead. In the spring, summer, and fall—TWO HOURS. I was dreading this time change. Starting class at 6 a.m. seemed like too much. Sure, finishing before 10 a.m. is fantastic, but how perky could I be before dawn?

You’ll need to ask those who attended our morning classes the last few months, but for my two cents, it was FABULOUS. I would wake at 5 am, prep a bit, and plop myself in front of the computer, looking at the view before you. It was awesome! The bonus to the class participants was that I would flip the camera around, and they would get to watch the sunrise with me. It indeed was wonderful. Check out the picture below to consider what that view was like.

But now, I have TWO NEW SURPRISES related to our LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS. I moved to a new apartment in the complex in Mazatlan, Mexico. The new one faces the ocean, and I can work from the balcony all day. Regardless of which LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS you select, morning or afternoon, you will surely get a fabulous ocean view and fantastic insurance continuing education. No other insurance continuing education provider promises you that!

Here’s SURPRISE NUMBER TWO: I’ll travel to Mexico City during our June classes. Check out the picture below. This is of a world-renowned art museum, PALACIO DE BELLAS ARTES, in the historic area of the city center. I loved this image so much that I bought a puzzle, and it will soon become part of my COLLEGE DORM MEETS MEXICO decor. You can see that, too, through the LIVE WEBINARS.

Mexico City is one of the world’s largest, historic, and culturally diverse cities. I had no idea about all of the exciting and intellectually rich the capital of Mexico until I moved here. It is also at one of the highest altitudes in the world and was initially built on an island. To learn more yourself, check out this resource or REGISTER NOW for our JUNE CLASSES: https://facts.net/world/cities/45-facts-about-mexico-city/

This is why I am telling you this: When I instruct our June classes in Mexico City, I hope to find areas to teach the courses so that you might partake of the beauty and uniqueness of this stunning area. Look at the image at the top; you’ll see many cool and exciting things in this vibrant city. These LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS will include relevant things I’ve learned from the area and our standard great insurance CE information. It’ll be like you are traveling with me while you get your continuing education. What’s not to love about that?

I look forward to seeing you in class soon–WOO HOO!

This blog highlights the benefits of our  LIVE INSURANCE CE WEBINARS. Published  May 2024 (Cinco de Mayo). Renee E. Bryan also publishes writing at her blog: WrongWayLizzie.Me.


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