INSURANCE CE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE 24/7: Answers 99% of Online Course Questions

Insurance CE technical assistance offered online 24/7 is just one of the reasons agents say Bryan Ventures offers the BEST CE. Our online CE technical assistance listed below offers the most common questions insurance agents ask when attempting to complete our online insurance CE classes. By reviewing the technical assistance offered here and applying these simple steps, agents can resolve 99% of online insurance CE technical issue themselves.

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I've completed the INTRODUCTORY section (or any section of the course) and can't move on into the course content.
Before beginning your course, you must complete the INTRODUCTORY section. This contains very valuable information about completing the class and will reduce any questions you might have with our courses. As a result, please review this information carefully. At the end of this chapter, there are sample questions. You must answer each of the questions correctly.

Once you have fully completed the INTRODUCTION, click the button underneath our logo in the upper left entitled LEARNING CENTER MENU and hover your mouse over, SELECT A COURSE. From here you will see the courses available to you to begin.

If you do not see the LEARNING CENTER MENU, this is because either you do not have a purchase of classes or your recent purchase is not registered in your learning center. To correct, you will either need to buy some insurance CE classses or credit hours, or close your browser window before accessing your course material.

I clicked on the link for the final exam and it didn’t appear; or I’m in the course and can’t see all the content.
The problem probably lies with your computer or your viewing screen. First try refreshing your browser by hitting both the “CTRL” and the “R” button on your keyboard at the same time. This will solve a variety of “viewing” problems. If that still doesn’t work, you will want to logout of the course; or if you can’t do that, simply close that viewing screen, open a new one and log back into the course or exam.

Sometimes the problem is a cache memory in your browser. One way to rectify this issue is to use a different browser to access your classes. As an example, you were using Internet Explorer so you try working in Chrome instead. If that does not solve the problem, you will probably need to restart your computer and then access the course or exam again.

Please remember, you must complete all measures of the course before you will be granted access to the final exam. The header at the top of the screen marks your progress.

I was in the course and the screen froze. I can’t move through the material, or the sample questions aren't working or won't advance.
This is a problem in your computer and you should try to follow the aforementioned instructions. If your computer will not allow you to do so, essentially the system is “locked up”, press “CTRL”, “ALT” and “DELETE” all at the same time to open the Task Manager which will then allow you to shut down the course or restart your computer.

If the sample questions are not responding or advancing, this is normally caused because the questions are positioned too close to the screen edge. Simply ensure the questions are in the center of the screen and the response area is not close to one of the edges, and it should then proceed properly.

When I logged into the course my progress was erased and/or the timer started over.
If the cookie settings are at the level recommended in the course access instructions, this is probably because you accidentally logged into the wrong course. PLEASE NOTE: We have several ethics courses or courses with similar content like taxes. Your learning center is designed to allow you continuous progress in your current course so you might just be viewing duplicate material contained in a different course, but you might want to check your LEARNING CENTER MENU to ensure you are in the right material.

If you followed the instructions above and still cannot resume your online insurance CE course, simply EMAIL our staff with the course information including your email address and one of our technicians will assist you.

I can’t sign-in; or my password doesn’t work.
If you are attempting to sign into your account and continue to get a password error, simply click the link, "LOST YOUR PASSWORD?" You will then receive an email allowing you to select a new password.

If you have used our classes before and the error says, "A user could not be found with this email address." This means you need to REGISTER for your new learning center. To do this, simply fill in the right panel for the LOGIN page to merge your account. For more information, we publish further details at NEW ONLINE LEARNING SITE.

I can’t see the entire outline along the top of the course; or the information in the learning center is hard to read. How do I enlarge or reduce the font?
This normally occurs because you have not reviewed all the material in the course. As the course INTRODUCTION explains, you must view each page and answer the sample questions at the end of the section correctly to be granted access to the next section of the course. If you have not yet completed all areas of the course, that may be why you can’t see the whole course outline.

Please note, when logged into a course, the header tells you how many sections are in the course as well as how many pages are in each section to gauge your progress.

With the new programming for the online insurance CE courses in our learning center, we could not offer the ZOOM (+/-) feature that allowed agents to enlarge or reduce the font size. Since many online CE class participants had come to appreciate this feature, we now offer these ZOOM INSTRUCTIONS to change the viewing size in your online learning center.

When I logged into my account, the USER NAME was the buyer of my classes; or I attempted to access a new course and the material was completed so instead of being able to access the exam, I could print an old certificate.
You can correct both of these problems by editing the information in your learning center. To do this go to MY ACCOUNT in the upper right hand corner of any page at our website. Beneath the link ACCESS YOUR INSURANCE COURSES, select the tab, EDIT ACCOUNT DETAILS. Click HERE to see a graphic representation of how to edit your account.

Once in the EDIT ACCOUNT DETAILS tab you can change the name and other registration information. Scroll down and make sure that your license renewal month and year is correct for your next expiration. Without accurate information, your learning center will NOT track the right course completions on your behalf. After you make any corrections, save and then close your browser window before attempting to access your online insurance continuing education course material.

I can’t access the final exam; or I got an error message when I forwarded final exam.
This could be due to one of two problems:

  1. As discussed earlier in the course, you will not be granted access to the final exam until all the course material has been reviewed and if required in your resident state, until the master timer on the course has reached zero. As a result, you will need to fulfill these requirements to gain access.
  2. If you met the two parameters above and tried clicking the link to the final exam, but it didn’t appear or you received an error message, this is a communication problem between your computer and our server. To fix this, simply close your browser window and log into your learning center again to access the course so you can take the final exam.

I’ve completed the final exam, but when I try to submit it, it is not accepted; or I want to review the lesson material again, but can't because I am in the final exam.
All questions must have a response for proper submission. As a result, please check to be sure you’ve attempted to answer all the questions. Those not yet answered will appear in red ink so you can locate them easily.

If you are in the final exam, but would like to review the material again, simply select the CANCEL EXAM button located near the top of the page. This will then allow you to review the entire course. Should you make this selection, you will lose any answer to the test questions you have completed.

These instruction didn't fix the problem and each time I log into the course I continue to encounter the same problem. (e.g. can't log in, error screen appears, can't move through the course, etc.)
If you have tried the instructions above and still can't access the course, chances are this is due to a 'cache memory' on your computer. You can try accessing the course from a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.) or from a different computer or operating system. To removed this flawed memory and ensure proper course completion, please print and follow the instructions available at our SIMPLE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE. ONLY USE THIS GUIDE IF THE STEPS ABOVE HAVE NOT RESOLVED THE ISSUE.

If none of these steps work to correct the problem in your learning center or in your insurance CE course, please EMAIL US an image of the screen with information about the problem you've encountered and the steps you've taken to correct it. To complete this, make sure the browser is the active window and press "CTRL" + "Print Screen" (on your keyboard at the same time). This will capture the browser screen. Then press “CTRL” + “V” (on your keyboard at the same time) to paste the image in the email. Please also provide information on your current operating system as well as the browser and version with which you were accessing the course.